How to be a member

Now It easy to be a member of Join with without delay. We wish to recruit limited number of members to the team. The steps are as follows:
  1. Send an application to [email protected]
  2. Then you will give a temporaly registration number.
  3. Deposit Rs. 12000/= to any Peoples Bank branch in Sri Lanka. Account detaila as follows:
    • Account number: 123456789
    • Account Name: Lanka Business Information Cemter (Pvt) Ltd.
    • Please mention your temporaly registrtion number as reference number.
    • One time member fee: Rs. 12000/=
  4. You will receive the team member’s permanent registration number and startup package-1 within three days. It contains:
    • 20 units free package – Worth: Rs. 20000/=
    • Valid only for one year
    • Two T-Shirts
    • 300 leaflets
    • Needed advice and guidance
  5. Do not hesitate. Join today and brighten your future.
  6. Always we are ready to support you.